Nicki Minaj Takes Legal Action Against Vlogger for Defamation: The Impact of Online Rumors

Nicki Minaj, the globally renowned rapper, has recently taken legal action against Marley Green, also known as Nosey Heaux on the internet. Minaj has filed a defamation lawsuit in response to a video posted by Green on Monday, in which she claimed that Minaj was involved in cocaine use, stating, “shoving all this cocaine, shoving in all this cocaine up her nose.”

In the video, Green went on to assert, “Allegedly. Thank you. Allegedly. But we all know it’s true.” The vlogger further emphasized her claim, saying, “Listen, I can’t even say allegedly with that ’cause I, we all know it’s true. I’m not saying allegedly on that. Nicki Minaj is a cokehead.” Minaj’s legal team contends that the video, which garnered around 2,000 likes and 250 retweets on Twitter before the lawsuit was filed, also included “vile comments” about Minaj’s son.

Nicki Minaj’s lawyers, seeking to protect her reputation and combat the spreading of false information, have taken swift legal action against Green. They filed the defamation suit and, notably, expressed the intention to prohibit Green from using the name ‘Nosey Heaux’ once the case concludes. Judd Burstein, Minaj’s lawyer, told TMZ, “When this case is over, she will no longer be permitted to use the name ‘Nosey Heaux’ because we will take her trademark from her when she does not have enough money to pay the judgment. Anyone else who spreads lies about Nicki will suffer a similar fate.” The damages sought in the lawsuit amount to at least $75,000.

In response to the legal proceedings, Minaj took to Twitter, expressing her hope that the individuals who have been actively engaging in spreading such rumors would have sufficient support to afford top-notch lawyers. She also hinted at the broader consequences of her legal actions, suggesting that once she gains control over various media outlets and social media pages, she will have significant influence in the industry.

This legal move by Nicki Minaj echoes a growing trend among celebrities who are taking a stand against defamation and false claims made on social media platforms. Earlier this year, Cardi B secured a $4 million verdict against a YouTuber who had similarly defamed her. The rise of online defamation cases signals a growing awareness among public figures of the potential impact that false rumors can have on their personal and professional lives.

In the age of instant information dissemination through social media, artists are increasingly recognizing the need to protect their reputations from damaging and unfounded claims. As legal battles like these unfold, they not only shape the narratives surrounding individual celebrities but also contribute to the evolving legal landscape of online interactions and responsibilities.