Interview with Arthur Levine – Painting Perceptions

Interview by Grant Drumheller guest contributor

Arthur Levine is a painter (, former professor of Drawing Painting and Printmaking, and a longtime friend. I have known him since he and Petey Brown got together back in the 1980’s. I have always known him as a dedicated painter, repairing to his studio on the top floor of a brownstone in Park

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Interview with Bill White – Painting Perceptions

I am grateful to this fabulous Virginia-based painter, Bill White for agreeing to participate in this email interview with me where he talks about his background and painting process as well as sharing some details from his long, dedicated engagement in painting from life and career in teaching painting at Hollins University.

Divided Light, 1999, 32×36 inches, oil on linen

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Interview with Christopher W. Benson

Knuckle Sandwich, 2021, oil on linen, 48 by 36 inches

I was recently introduced to the work of artist, Christopher Benson while visiting his gallery, EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe, NM. I was intrigued by the strength of his compositions and execution as well as the wide range of styles he has worked in over his many years of painting,

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Painters Paint Paintings: LA Version at the Nino Mier

Review by Christopher J. Graham, guest contributor

Installation view of Painters Paint Paintings: LA Version, Curated by Alexander Warhus, (July 23 – August 27, 2022), Nino Mier Gallery One, Los Angeles.
Images courtesy of Nino Mier Gallery

The press release for Painters Paint Paintings: LA Version-curated by Alexander Warhus at West Hollywood’s Nino Mier Gallery states that a contemporary

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