Budget bedroom makeover ideas: 10 luxury looks for less

If you’ve been wondering ‘what are the best budget bedroom makeover ideas?’ You are not alone. Before you invest in designer bedroom décor, think critically, because spending a small fortune on fitted furniture does not always guarantee a beautiful bedroom.

Bedroom transformations don’t always have to be grand affairs. Instead, they can be slowly curated through minimal updates that don’t

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Artforum International

Tang Song in his studio, 2021. Photo: Min Cheng.

MY FIRST GLIMPSE of Tang Song was through the windshield of a car. He was perched on a rooftop high above the bamboo-covered mountains as I drove up to his lair. With his newly-shaved brown head shining in the sun and his pointed ears cutting the sky behind him, he looked

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New AI Research Tool Turns Ideas Into Art

Imagine creating a digital painting without ever picking up a paintbrush or instantly generating storybook illustrations to accompany the words. Today, we’re showcasing an exploratory artificial intelligence (AI) research concept called Make-A-Scene that will allow people to bring their visions to life.

Make-A-Scene empowers people to create images using text prompts and freeform sketches. Prior image-generating AI systems typically used

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