The Perfect Moon

The Perfect Moon : When we look to the night sky, most of us see a shining orb that changes size and shape and a whole bunch of pin-sized lights. It’s now common knowledge that the moon affects water movement on earth. The tides ebb and flow with the pull of the moon.

We are made of 90{5649da10f505f4d9ce6f427847d125ef295647a91e59852cf836032ab22cbba4} water, so it would make sense that the phase of the moon affects us as well. No scientific research has been conclusive in this area, and so it remains theory – although widely accepted.

With such a powerful force above us, shouldn’t we try to understand the moon’s mysteries? Start small. Try to pay attention to what phase the moon is in. Is it actually full or does it just look full? Do you find that you feel different when the moon is close to full? What about when the moon is close to new and you cannot see it at all?

Tradition states that a waning moon (decreasing in visibility) signals a time of ridding your self of negativity. Kicking bad habits, losing weight and releasing negative thought patterns are examples of traditional waning moon activities. The cleansing energy peaks at the moment of the new moon (no longer visible at all).

A waxing moon (increasing in visibility) is a good time to bring positive things to you. Start new projects, open your self to new experiences – love, laugh, live. These are the trademarks of the waxing moon. This positive energy peaks at the moment of the full moon (fully visible).

The moon is actually only full for moment before it begins to wane, it is in constant motion. The concept of perfection can be seen in the face of the moon. The laws of physics state: The only constant is change.

This leads one to further speculate that perfection, then, can only exist for a moment before it is lost and changed into something else. Unless, perfection is change and imperfection is stagnation. If the latter is truth, nature is perfection.

So much to learn from the perfect, unassuming moon.