The Planet Saturn Is Your Teacher

To understand how Saturn is your teacher, we need to look at the
twelve houses of astrology.

Each house in astrology represents an area of your life: first
house, for personality, second house for personal finances,
third house for thinking and learning, fourth house for home and
family, fifth house for love and romance, sixth house for work
and health, seventh house for relationships and partnerships,
eighth house for sex and creditors, ninth house for religion and
higher education, tenth house for career and ambition, eleventh
house for friends and associates, and the twelfth house for
meditation and the unconscious.

Whatever house Saturn is in in your birth chart, this is where
you have the greatest lessons to learn. Saturn is our teacher,
but most of us avoid the lessons it is trying to teach us.
Saturn reveals our primary fear. This is why we don’t want to
deal with what he is always trying to get us to learn. There is
basically no way to avoid Saturn’s lessons. So, the sooner we
embrace what it is that we need to learn, the better off we will

For example, if Saturn in your birth chart falls in the second
house of personal finances, you have the challenge and the
demand to handle your finances in a responsible manner. If you
do not, you will be jolted by the consequences. This will be
hard for you because you will not want to be responsible for
your finances. This tendency of avoidance is inherent in your
birth. In fact, you might say that Saturn is always uncovering
what we are trying to avoid.

Here’s another example. If Saturn is found in your seventh house
of partners and relationships, you will not like the idea of
being married and taking on all the responsibilities that come
with this commitment. You may even become a monk or nun to avoid
the demand of a close relationship. But, eventually you will be
challenged to learn all about marriage and probably end up doing
it several times just to make sure you get the lesson. Once you
get it right — find a real partner — you have learned the
lesson of Saturn, which is to intimately embrace your partner
and be happy in doing so.

The lessons of Saturn are not easy, but if you are willing to
take on the demands and become responsible in that area of life
where he is located, then you will overcome your primary fear
and learn a very profound lesson.

After all, Saturn is your teacher.