Sun Valley Resort Launches River Run Summer Series: A Blend of Music, Fun, and Community Support

Sun Valley Resort is set to elevate the summer experience with its inaugural River Run Summer Series, commencing on Wednesday, July 20, and extending the festivities over three Wednesday evenings until August 17. The series, taking place from 4 to 7 p.m., aims to create a vibrant community gathering at the base of Bald Mountain, offering a delightful blend of live music, lawn games, family-friendly activities, food trucks, and extended lift service for biking and hiking enthusiasts.

Each event in the River Run Summer Series will be enriched with live music, engaging activities, and opportunities to support local nonprofits. The series reflects Sun Valley Resort’s commitment to fostering community connections and providing a platform for both recreation and philanthropy.

Highlights of the River Run Summer Series:

1. Live Music and Entertainment:

  • July 20: The series kicks off with the Mark Mueller Trio, promising a lively musical experience. NAMI-WRV, a local nonprofit, will benefit from 15 percent of the day’s lift ticket sales. Attendees can also participate in a bubble art activity, and Pete Lane’s bike shop will offer free bike inspections and tire-changing clinics.
  • July 27: Moonshine Schubert takes the stage, providing entertainment for the evening. The Wood River Trails Coalition, a nonprofit supporting trail development, will receive a portion of lift ticket sales. Attendees can engage in trail trivia and games, and Smith will showcase its new helmets and sport glasses.
  • Aug. 3: Travis McDaniels will offer live music, with proceeds supporting She Jumps—an organization dedicated to involving young girls in skiing and outdoor activities. She Jumps will host an activity at the mountain base, and Wild Rye will lead a women’s ride on Baldy.
  • Aug. 17: The Pisten Bullys will jam on stage, and Norco bikes will provide free bike demos throughout the evening. The National Forest Foundation’s Bald Mountain Stewardship Project, focusing on forest health improvement, will benefit from the event. Representatives will conduct a hands-on activity teaching about reforestation.

2. Family-Friendly Activities:

  • Each Wednesday will feature family-friendly activities such as trivia games, scavenger hunts, and art projects. These activities are designed to create a lively and inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.

3. Food Trucks and Beverages:

  • Attendees can savor the offerings of various food trucks, including Joe’s Juice, KB’s Burritos, Wood Fire Pizza & Grill, and the Snow Cone Truck. A diverse range of culinary delights will add to the overall experience.

4. Community Partnerships:

  • The River Run Summer Series underscores Sun Valley Resort’s commitment to community involvement. Each event will feature a community partner, a local nonprofit that will receive 15 percent of the day’s lift ticket sales. This collaborative approach highlights the resort’s dedication to supporting and giving back to the local community.

5. Extended Lift Service:

  • For outdoor enthusiasts, the gondola lift service will be extended an additional two hours until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, allowing visitors to enjoy lift-assisted biking and hiking against the stunning backdrop of Bald Mountain.

The River Run Summer Series promises to be a dynamic and inclusive celebration, uniting music, outdoor recreation, and community support. Sun Valley Resort invites locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in this vibrant summer experience, where entertainment and philanthropy converge against the scenic backdrop of Bald Mountain.