Significance of the Aquarius Moon

Significance of the Aquarius Moon : The familiar presumption is that the moon is female. From that, typically, the females tend to resemble their moon signs while the males are less forthright with the moon’s influence.

Honestly, the natal moon is important, and this is new-age astrology with no gender bias.

The planet associated with Aquarius is Uranus. In more formal astronomical taxonomy, Uranus is a strange planet. While every other planet, and some asteroids, have a basic orientation, with a north pole/south pole, the planet rotating around that planet’s central axis, then orbiting is a basically circular orbit around the Sun, Uranus varies dramatically from this understanding.

The shorthand version is that Uranus is 90 degrees off from every other planet in the system so the Uranian “North Pole” points at the Sun all the time. While not absolutely accurate, it does give a working visual to a planet keeled over on its side, rolling along like billiard ball, sideways to everything else.

This planet’s orientation is an example of the rule, “As above, so below.” The Aquarius sentiments attached to this Moon Sign should be obvious. The source for the quirky and frequently unpredictable behavior is clear. The planet association is — for all intents and purposes — 90 degrees off from whatever else is considered normal.

This imparts a lovely, strange, slightly askew world view. Irascible, unflappable, odd, weird, strange, and any other synonym for being off-center.

The illustration of the billiard ball is perfect. On that flat, green felt surface, the pool table, there are several planets, arrayed in their orbits, all spinning like tops, each one in a single position. The Uranian pool ball is rolling along at a good clip. Compared to the other items on the surface of the green felt of the Solar system, Uranus is moving along, albeit in a chaotic manner.

This sideways illustration why Aquarians tend to be forward thinkers, but the problem being, they are also rebels and misfits.

Air, consider air as the realm of thinking and thoughts.

Aquarius is an air sign, as well. This imparts a delightfully acerbic and sardonic intellectualism to the Moon sign’s meaning.

The tired trope is, “Think outside the box.”

When the Moon sign is Aquarius, the more common expression is, “Box? What box? I didn’t see any boxes!”

The Aquarius Moon is best known for an ability to combine all manner of material that wold be thought of together. That gives the obvious symbolism of strange and quirky.

One of the easiest terms for this combination, the Moon in Aquarius, the phrase that reduces it all single, simple term?

“I think I feel.”