The Importance of Being a Capricorn Moon

A client came to me and had calculated her own natal birth chart, and she was concerned. Her main complaint was that she had a Capricorn Moon. In a female’s chart, often times, the Moon is more significant than the Sun Sign.

Her immediate concern was that she was figured she had a Capricorn Moon, and that issue, weighed against the rest of her chart, it would leave her cold. Her interpretation was she would be loveless, due to the inharmonious nature of a Capricorn Moon.

Her perception was that she would remain unloved because the planet associated with Capricorn — Saturn — seems to be harsh and unforgiving.

True, Saturn can be a relentless taskmaster, and true, there can be the appearance of a cold and unemotional side, but there is hope. Astrology, at best, is a series of guidelines, not all rules and formulas. Understanding those guidelines helps.

Look at Saturn and Capricorn for a moment. Saturn, one of the Titans, the biggest and baddest of the Ancient Gods (Greek-Roman Pantheon), and as such, he was the starting point. The inception for the old gods started with him. The planet itself, with its rings and visual appeal, makes a loop around the Sun about every 28 years. Cycles defined by Saturn are easy to read, as it hits a major passage every seven years, one quarter of that 28-year cycle.

The cold and loveless message my friend read into the Capricorn Moon placement?

That’s hardly a useful and uplifting interpretation.

The Capricorn Moon does carry a heavy, karmic burden. There’s a sense that destiny must be answered, in some capacity. Part of the calling with this Capricorn Moon is developing and explore career options that are fulfilling on more than one level. Finding a job that is both a passion and income-producing, perhaps with a degree of limelight factored in, as well.

The cold nature is less “Cold,” and more like “cool,” instead. That kind of cool is sometimes thought of as “aloof,” but again, there’s a reserved side that is merely attempting to collect adequate data before reaching a conclusion. Less about being cold and more about trying gather as much information as possible before making decisions.

The astrological, natal Moon Sign is frequently associated with the emotional side of a personality. The Capricorn Moon tend to gather as much information as possible rather than make a stupid decision, or worse, a decision that appears stupid.

Since the planet Saturn — the planet associated with Capricorn — is oftentimes a karmic significator, the common issue that pops up with Capricorn Moon is a concern about appearances.

“After all,” one Capricorn Moon person said, “it’s more important to look good than to feel good.”

There’s a slightly ironic twist to that comment as it was intended as humor, but in printed form, the humor might be missed. Which is the problem with the frequent misinterpretations about natal Capricorn Moon.

The coldness of a Capricorn Moon is less cold and unemotional and really more waiting to assess a situation further.

There is also, thanks to that saturnine influence, an epicurean flare that is overlooked. Tied with that emotional sense from the Moon itself, there’s prevalent feeling that only the best will do.