Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity, The Month of Aquarius 2015

Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity, The Month of Aquarius 2015 : The Zodiac Month Ahead Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies from 20 January to 18 February.

Making the Most of Our Cycle in Aquarius

Let’s all take a deep, deep breath in… and fully exhale. As we collectively experience the journey of our Sun in Aquarius for 2015, there will be a plenty of energy circulating through this area of our life that will attempt to throw us all off our focus and game as Mercury will equally retrograde in this very same area. As our Sun’s light shines here, the request for reflection, review and release also raps ever strongly upon The Water Bearer’s door. Should we choose resistance to the natural course of changes emerging in month ahead, we miss the opportunities to reap the rewards of reflection. Should one allow their free will to choose resistance, it is a direct invitation for the channel of turbulence to only increase into chaos.

It is especially important to look to where the organizing intellect of The Water Bearer lives in your life, from both your sun sign and natal charts points of view. The Zodiac Month ahead completely calls to us all to engage in reassessment, review and renew. When we answer to this, there will be light for us all to receive for this natural process.

Sun enters Aquarius 20 January

Shine Light Upon Your Individual Part Within the Whole

One must take time during any winter via the Zodiac’s request, to withdraw from the fixity of the cold and ponder what needs reform and improvement. Aquarius will always ask to first look at the individual, honor this, and then see what important part they are meant to play to help awaken the whole of humanity itself. Here is where the light of friendship shines within our lives and where social involvement with groups and organizations will be favored in order to allow our hopes, dreams and wishes in life to be able to come true.

Being a fixed air sign, the energy of The Water Bearer is always about breaking through the norm with never seen before ideas that are able to enrich the whole concept that unites the nonjudgmental space of brotherhood and sisterhood. Aquarius -via the intellect- is the synthesis of human nature. At worst, it executes a genuine “talk to the hand” kind of detached energy, simply because one can not be too touchy feely when there is great innovative work to accomplish. We are always reminded at this time of the year to not become too remote, agnostic, or perverse. We can consciously achieve success by coordinating with truth and knowledge that is cultivated by honoring being warm, practical and recalling the friendliness of human touch.

New Moon in Aquarius, 20 January, Take One

Where Your Feelings Find a Well-Developed Instinct

We get that “once in a blue moon” affect from Aquarius this year as we will experience two New Moons within the energy of The Water Bearer. One will be a mere three and a half hours after our Sun enters Aquarius, the other in this zodiac month will be just three minutes before the Sun moves forward into Pisces on 18 February. For our first Aquarian New Moon of 2015, we will experience deep and serious feelings that will be searching for the truth -even if it may hurt- as this first lunation makes polite conversation to Saturn in Sagittarius. Equally, Mercury -who will be much further along into Aquarius- will be stationing to go Retrograde the following day, as the request for patience will be kicked up one more notch. While New Moons always favor beginnings and are typically the best time to plant new seeds in our lives, any move made with the intention for genuine long-term success, should be carefully monitored and considered for this entire waxing phase until 03 February.

Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius | 21 January to 11 February

Where Changes Call to Reflect Upon Your Part of the Whole

Our Messenger planet takes it’s first “backwards” journey of 2015 that loudly calls for reflection within The Water Bearer. With Aquarius already being the sign of the unexpected, we can be sure to expect our fair share of it from this area of our lives into early February. The theme across the board with any Mercury offering for reflection is to stay close friends with those “RE” rules and look before you leap during the retrograde cycle. Mercury Retrograde (MRx) always favors slowing down, retreating, remembering, reconnecting and releasing when it comes to communicating, thinking, moving, and traveling within our lives. Choosing resistance to what will naturally run through the course of changes, will be absolutely futile. When we are adaptable under this cycle, we can find our greatest reflective rewards, which will be especially strong to receive with optimism the days surrounding 30 January.

Due to Aquarius being a fixed sign of the intellect, Mercury’s backtracking journey may unfold a lack of warmth and imagination depending upon where this sign affects our personal birth charts. Respond in calm to the chaos that has the potential to display itself. A noted theme for an Aquarius MRx is the one of rejection. Our pause and silent time is required so we can decipher and discern what roles within the larger whole, our individual self should be honoring. What is it in particular that needs to be let go of from this area of life in order to properly move forward once the retrograde cycle lifts?

Venus enters Pisces | 27 January

Where Your Harmony and Understanding Exercises Compassion

Our Idealist Venus planted plenty of harmony in Mercury Retrograde’s path before she moves forward and journeys through 20 February in Pisces, where she’ll get close to Mars just before they enter Aries. We’ll have the opportunity to experience tender and devoted affections all while Mercury calls for reflection in the neighboring area of our lives. This will be a great passage to couple with Mercury’s request to return to the arts, for Venus in Pisces equally is a fine appreciator of beauty, music, poetry and romantic dreams of all kinds. Beware of being too easily swayed into situations where indiscrimination is present- don’t be fooled and yield so much to become abject to whatever changes are around to assimilate into our human experience.

This transit of Venus is a strong one to assist our innate understanding of the changes that call out to humanity across the board. These weeks will find many joining together to find their sense of harmony through sharing their emotions, healing them and knowing compassion is part of what makes up the quality of a genuine human being. While self-sacrifice will equally be seen, make sure wherever Pisces lives in your Zodiac Pie, that you do not become overwhelmed and forget to fill up your own cup before assisting wherever you may need to. Certainly, this area of our lives can anticipate a peace and gentleness wishing to unite us in understanding.

New Moon in Aquarius, The Year of The Wood Sheep, 18/19 February, Take Two

Where Your Feelings Find a Well-Developed Instinct

As per the usual upon an Aquarian New Moon, our friends in the East ring in their New Year by kicking off 2015’s Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat). The Chinese New Year is always celebrated as a lunar waxing phase begins in The Water Bearer, the sign representing the whole of humanity and the individual parts thereof. The Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat tones down the spirited calling from the recent year of The Horse, where many got “spooked” if they did not know how to handle the innate energy that asked for reverence, dignity and patience throughout the course of 2014’s cycle.

In 2015’s cycle from our Eastern wisdom, once again we see a wood elemental year marking this yin fire animal to engage us within growth, renewal and innovation. Both an Aquarian New Moon and The Sheep/Goat spark our intellect to trust what it can imagine and create to make life pleasurable for everyone. During this cycle, we find a very sensitive nature available to the collective that supports the genuine desires of artistic pursuits. Exercising compassion is equally required to thrive within the Wood Sheep/Goat year -which when coupled with 2015 equals 8 numerological energy- calls upon responsibility to align balance in the life. This year equally marks uniting together for causes one believes in, and being generous with one’s money and time that is able to sustain those who need it the most, which will be felt on global, but especially local levels.