Health / Medical Astrology

Health / Medical Astrology : Health is wealth. Haven’t we heard the same endless times? It is really true. Everything follows a good health, be it the success in life, happiness, cordial relationships, or wealth. Therefore, it should be the very first priority of every individual.

Since early times, fortune-telling and the astrology have been used to find health problems and find different solutions to solve them. It is generally known as Medical Astrology or the Astrological mathematics of curing.

Health astrology is a specialized segment of astrology application. It is about bringing the principles of Vedic Astrology in application for the purpose of deriving the causes of problems of health and for offering effective remedial solutions for overcoming them. As a part of it, your birth details will be used as the base for drawing out your birth chart and then it will be evaluated in detail. According to beliefs, every planet is influential over some or the other part of the human body and its health. Therefore, every planet is essentially required to be considered. However, special consideration would be given to the astrological parents of Sun, Saturn, and Mars, which are considered to be most influential on health aspects of a person.

On the grounds of the results as derived out of that assessment, predictions would be drawn on what you can expect on the health front in the coming time, the precautions you must abide by to ward off the chances of the possible health complications, and remedial solutions you must adopt to eradicate the existing health problems.

The Health Astrology Report would be included elaborate details about the health aspects of your life and its past, present, and future. Also, the causes of the varied health problems as faced by you would be precisely assessed and elaborated in an easily understandable manner. Health Astrology would be customized according to the specific health problem(s) faced by you, so that you derive quick and permanent relief. Wherever required, a diet plan and a list of do’s and don’ts would be stated.

Astrologers successfully trace out the cosmic effects which conclude your health by carefully analysing your Birth Chart to identify the planetary arrangements of Planet Mars for strength and liveliness, Planet Saturn for long life and fortitude and Sun for life-sustaining powers. The Health Astrology Report really helps you to come out of the parlous diseases because your chart will tell you what is the position of the Planet Mars in your horoscope. After that, your astrologers will suggest you some recommendations which are best for your good health.