HeadsUp Entertainment Partners with Centurion Fight Club Malta for a Dynamic Marketing Alliance

CALGARY, AB, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – HeadsUp Entertainment Partners. (OTCPINK: HDUP) has solidified a strategic marketing alliance and revenue share partnership with Centurion Fight Club Malta, a prominent Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company renowned for its captivating events and elite fighters. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities, fostering innovation in sports entertainment and interactive gaming experiences.

Establishing Centurion FC’s Influence in the MMA Scene

Based on the picturesque island of Malta, Centurion FC has been instrumental in revolutionizing the MMA landscape in the Mediterranean and southern European regions. With a focus on combining Combat Sports and MMA Entertainment, the organization has garnered a loyal following of passionate fans seeking thrilling and exhilarating sporting spectacles. Centurion FC’s mission revolves around nurturing a new generation of formidable athletes prepared to grace the octagon and deliver unparalleled excitement and competitiveness to the world of MMA tournaments.

GameChangers Platform: A Catalyst for Enhanced Promotion

HeadsUp and Centurion have strategically leveraged the GameChangers media platforms to amplify the promotion and marketing of Centurion’s upcoming events, with their 8th event scheduled for Saturday, July 2nd in Malta. The GameChangers team will be stationed on-site, providing live coverage and delving into discussions with the software development partners. This collaboration aims to pioneer an Interactive Sports Betting Lottery Game, revolutionizing real-time wagering experiences at live sporting events.

Forging Innovative Revenue Channels and Partnerships

The collaboration between HeadsUp and Centurion extends beyond promotional endeavors, with a strong focus on creating super affiliate and exclusive sportsbook partnerships. The goal is to utilize the diverse assets of HeadsUp and the excitement surrounding Centurion events to drive customer acquisition, fostering long-term revenue share and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) channels. The strategic alignment between the two entities is poised to unlock unprecedented growth opportunities and cultivate mutually beneficial revenue streams.

Embracing Innovation and Elevated Sports Experiences

Robert Gallo, CEO of Centurion, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the collective effort to innovate and enhance the real-time engagement and betting experience during their events. This sentiment was echoed by Doug Wilson, President, and CEO of HeadsUp, who emphasized the revolutionary potential of the Sports Lottery Software Platforms currently in development. The collaboration between Centurion’s influential brand and HeadsUp’s prowess in media and technology promises to elevate the sports experience for fans and create innovative revenue streams for both entities.

Driving Global Engagement through Strategic Partnerships

Centurion’s collaboration with SIGMA World’s Gaming Festivals underscores its commitment to hosting MMA events at the prestigious LIVE gaming festivals over the next two years. HeadsUp plans to deploy its proficient software development team and sports betting revenue partners to curate enhanced gaming experiences for live event attendees and global viewers alike. This partnership signifies the mutual dedication of both entities to harness next-generation interactive solutions, thereby fostering shareholder value and propelling both companies into a new era of dynamic and immersive sports entertainment.

For more information on Centurion FC Malta, please visit www.centurion-fc.com.

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