How To Install An Amplifier : A stereo guitar amplifier helps you to amplify sound; therefore, the sound becomes louder and clear.

How to assemble the amplifier

The first thing you need to do is to acquire a guitar amp kit. The good side is that you can easily buy it from an online retailer. You should then familiarize yourself with the eyelets on the board that are used in holding the component connectors. To familiarize yourself you need to read a schematic that illustrates the layout and nature of the circuit.

If your printed circuit board is not pre-assembled, you should install the board components into their respective turrets. To ensure that each component is located correctly, you should consult the schematic. After assembling you should turn the board over and solder all the connectors to the base.

You should then assemble the chassis. The chassis is the one that contains preamp and power amp components. You should mount the power transformer on the side that is nearest the power supply. You should fit it in the large square opening and line it up so that all the solder lugs are in one level.

You should then solder the transformer in place and mount the output transformer in the remaining large square opening. You should then install the power supply and then thread the two speaker wires out of the chassis.

You should then test the circuit by placing the multimeter probe on the circuit directly after the first resistor and power up the circuit board. If it’s working well, the circuit reading should be the same as the wall current.

If the circuit is good, you should fit your speakers by screwing them into the support struts located inside the amp cabinet. There are two struts that you can use: one runs horizontally alongside the inside of the top panel and another on the inside bottom panel. To ensure a tight fit you should pull the speakers gently.

Once tight you should wire the speakers by removing the tape from the speaker wire and soldering one to the input terminal on the speaker. If you finish wiring and you find that the wires are loose, you should tape the slack to the inside top panel.

Once you are through you should enclose the cabinet depending on the model of the stereo amplifier.


This is how you should assemble a stereo amplifier. For ideal results you should ensure that you calibrate your voltmeter. To ensure that it’s working, you should first test it on a function circuit before you check the stereo amplifier circuit board.