Weekly Horoscope: July 17 to July 23, 2022

Your weekly horoscope has arrived. Make the last week of Cancer season count by sharing meals and feels with your special people. Leo season pulls in on Friday, demanding you dial up your inner diva to extra, and focus the spotlight on making the best of peak summer. Like the noble-hearted lion, take pride in yourself and your efforts by going all in.

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of July 17 through July 23, 2022 via your weekly horoscope, below. 


The planet of beauty and relating moves into your home zone on Sunday, so consider hosting, staying in with your lover, or trying your hand at some DIY improvement. Your home could do with some tender loving care, and perhaps you could too! Not the best with a brush? Hand it over to a professional painter, decorator, talented friend, or family member. By week’s end, the sun moves into Leo, benefitting your sign. Leadership is a no-brainer while your talents are on display. Have fun, go on a date or practice a talent until you’re pitch perfect. This is a performance month for you; show off! 


This week begins with your ruling planet Venus moving into your social zone of local contacts. Keep it light and personal with neighbors and share a smile with local service people to brighten their day and yours. Relationships with siblings benefit, so call or catch up over something indulgent like a meal or dessert, shopping, or even revisiting a place that holds fond childhood memories for you both. Later in the week, the sun lights up your domestic sphere, making you the host with the most. Time to apply luxury around the house and do everything with style and a grand gesture.


This month could bring in extra cash and result in spending, so check your budget before deciding how much you’ll need to tuck away. For the best outcome either way, revisit your values and center them when making decisions. Is your option in line with your values, or does it stray a little or a lot? Values are a big part of your compass, so it pays to home in on them, especially regarding resources. On Friday your local zone of connections and learning is spotlit for the next month, so yes, do that short course, get social, and be seen. This placement lights up your sign, so getting out and about and swapping news will energize you.