Venus in Cancer will make you cuddly and romantic

Let’s get intimate!

Venus, the planet of relationships and attraction, will dive into the tide pools of Cancer from July 17 until August 11, 2022. Every single zodiac sign will receive a cosmic bounty of blessings.

Venus, the planet of beauty, dances in each zodiac sign for just under a month every single year. As she cozies up in Cancer, she will put us in touch with our emotions and need for affection. This may bring out a more sensual, nurturing and domestic vibration within us collectively.

It’s time to be devoted! During Venus’s transit of Cancer, we will crave stability and security in our lives—especially in regards to our emotions. Showing our loyalty and love through gifts and acts of service will be important to us during this time. Being dedicated, warm and kind will allow our personal connections to flourish and grow.

Listening to others, being in touch with our spirits and listening to our intuition will be important to us, as well. This is an excellent time to have a heart-to-heart with someone, as there is a higher likelihood of finding a rapport. Treating others with sensitivity and empathy will allow us to feel greater trust and communication with others. Tapping into the full extent of emotions during Venus’s sail through this Water sign can help us to be more reflective and insightful.

Venus in Cancer horoscopes
Venus in Cancer will give you a tender heart.
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However, a shadow side to this period may be vast turbulence triggered by overwhelming emotions, insecurity or hypersensitivity. We may also feel victimized, defensive or overprotective. Obsessing over the past and nostalgia may also take effect. It is best to balance logic with emotion during this period.

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Get ready to be feeling deep in your emotions, Aries. Sweet Venus will bring her sparkle to your home, family and domestic sector. This will make you feel the need to nest and cozy up in your living space. This is an excellent time to buy home décor, spend time with your kindred or even have a party at your residence.

Date idea: Plan a day of gardening together!

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As your planetary ruler shimmies into a new zone, you’ll notice that you’re eager to step out of your comfort zone and travel a bit, Taurus. This could encourage you to visit nearby locales or plan a road trip. On a different note, this could encourage you to start working on a dazzling communications-related endeavor.

Date idea: Visit a nearby beach or lake with your lover!


Showers of gold could soon be raining down upon you, Gemini. As Venus transits your sector of money, you could notice a slight bump in your income. Consider looking for more ways to monetize, such as a side hustle. Also, consider looking for some luxurious items that you may get on a sale!

Date idea: Go jewelry shopping with your one-and-only!


You are the crown jewel of the zodiac during this time, Cancer. As Venus dances sweetly through your zodiac sign, you’ll be more magnetic and attractive than ever. Now is a great period to focus on pleasure, sensuality and romance. Also, harness her glow by purchasing new facial creams, getting a new hairstyle or even splurging on some sexy new wardrobe.

Date idea: Plan a facial spa day with your boo!

Venus in Cancer predictions
Venus in Cancer will put you in touch with your emotions.
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LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22) 

Rest, recharge and lie low, Leo. As Venus shivers through your sector of privacy and solitude, you may wish to be spending some time alone. You may notice that you’re a bit more contemplative during this time and that you’re reflecting on how you’ve approached your love life in the past year.

Date idea: Spend some time journaling while listening to music with your sweetheart!


Prepare to glow up, Virgo, because you’re in demand! Popularity will be a lifestyle during this time as Venus energizes your social sector. You’re likely to attend some spectacular events with your pals and acquaintances. Single and ready to mingle? Use this period for online dating. You’re the cat’s meow!

Date idea: Plan a puppy party in a park with friends and your favorite critters!


Get your award acceptance speech ready, Libra. As Venus sings hymns from the crown of your chart, you’ll be in major professional demand. Promotions, praise and applause will be attracted to you now. If you want to pitch an idea to someone higher up or apply to a competitive firm, now is the time to strike.

Date idea: Plan an exclusive VIP dinner with you, your boo and the most powerful people you know!


Swim into newfound seas, Scorpio. As Venus ventures into your sector of expansion, you could be eager for long-distance travel. This is a great time to plan a trip—or go on one. If single, consider dating outside of your normal type.

Date idea: Attend a sound bath together!

Venus in Cancer
Venus in Cancer will make you wish to fall in love.
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It’s time for plenty of TLC, Sagittarius! As Venus sings love songs from your sector of sexuality and intimacy, it’s time to get up close and personal. Spend time heavy petting with your one-and-only. However, this could affect you in a more financial way, too, bringing more attention to your investments and assets.

Date idea: plan a night of body painting together!


Significant relationships should sparkle and glow during this period for you, Capricorn. As Venus dances across the sky from you, partnerships should be sweeter and stronger. If you’d like to make promises or smooth something out, now is the time to do so. If single, look for someone with LTR-potential.

Date idea: Plan a couple’s trivia night!


A brighter vibe within your work-life balance is sure to be here, Aquarius. In fact, you may now realize you’re having more fun on the job and making more time for pleasure outside of it! If you’d like to collaborate or grow closer with your coworkers, now is a great time to do so. Applause for your efforts in your career could also be here.

Date idea: Join a gym together!


Cupid’s arrows are raining down from the sky, Pisces! As Venus creates a supernova in your sector of passion, you’ll be focused on your heart’s greatest desires. True love or a soulmate could cross your path if single, or if you’re coupled up, you could have more time to spend with your one-and-only. Fertility and creativity will expand and increase now, too.

Date idea: Attend an art gallery together!

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