Torche Bittersweet Farewell: The End of an Era for the Stalwarts of Sludge Metal

In a surprising turn of events, Torche, the acclaimed sludge metal band, is set to bid farewell to their fans after a last hurrah on the upcoming fall tour opening for Meshuggah. The departure of Torche’s singer-guitarist, Steve Brooks, marks the end of an era for a band that has left an indelible mark on the heavy music scene. The announcement, made through Brooks’ personal Instagram comments, has sparked a mix of emotions among the band’s dedicated followers.

Steve Brooks, who has been an integral part of Torche since its inception, revealed the band’s decision to disband after the fall tour. Responding to a fan’s query about the possibility of Torche continuing without him, Brooks succinctly stated, “We’re done. Only plan on reissuing out-of-print records someday. Moving on.” The announcement comes just days after the release of the band’s latest single, “It Never Began,” adding a poignant layer to their farewell.

In a separate post, Brooks reflected on the profound experiences he had during his tenure with Torche. He acknowledged the adventures and friendships forged through touring but highlighted the logistical challenges that contributed to the band’s decision. Living in rural Oregon while the rest of the band resides in Miami, Brooks expressed the difficulties of cross-country travel, financial constraints, concerns about theft, health and safety issues, and the dependency on others to manage responsibilities back home.

For Torche fans, this news may come as a bittersweet revelation. The band has been a constant presence in the heavy music scene, known for their unique blend of sludge, doom, and stoner metal elements. Their distinctive sound, characterized by heavy riffs, melodic sensibilities, and Brooks’ signature vocals, has garnered them a dedicated fan base over the years.

As Torche embarks on their final tour, fans are encouraged to seize the opportunity to witness the band’s electrifying performances one last time. Brooks emphasized that the on-stage moments, lasting between 30 to 80 minutes, were the most enjoyable for him. It’s a poignant reminder for fans to savor every note and every riff as Torche takes their final bow.

The fall tour, opening for Meshuggah and Converge, spans across various cities in the United States, culminating in their last show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 16, 2022. The tour promises to be a fitting farewell for a band that has contributed significantly to the evolution of sludge metal.

Torche’s decision to disband does not diminish their impact on the heavy music genre. The band’s legacy will live on through their discography, and Brooks hinted at the possibility of reissuing out-of-print records, providing both longtime fans and new listeners with the chance to delve into Torche’s musical journey.

As the final notes of Torche’s last tour reverberate through concert venues, it marks the end of a chapter in the history of sludge metal. The band’s influence, however, will endure, leaving an imprint on the sonic landscape that future generations of heavy music enthusiasts are sure to discover and appreciate.