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The internet will be around for a long time, and the best way to keep up is to produce digital content with elements from the best royalty free music sites. Whether for professional or personal purposes, royalty free music download sites offer the best music lineup to complement your needs.

But in a den of royalty free music sites, which is the best choice for you?

Is There a Safe Site To Download Free Music?

Before anything else, you need to make sure you’re taking the safe route when downloading from the best royalty free music sites. Sure, the internet is somewhat free, but the content? Not so much.

That being said, there’s not a safe site that lets you download free music for your disposal. Although there are free sites to download free music, they are either illegal or unsafe — there’s no in-between.

Some of the safest royalty free music archives are AudioJungle, Soundstripe, Bensound, Epidemic Sound, and

But take note that these royalty free music download sites are not free but not expensive either. Nonetheless, this is the safest way to download music legally, and all it takes is a few dollars. You could get any piece of your choice for any project you’re working on for reasonable pricing.

What Is the Best Royalty Free Music Site?

Now that you are legally aligned with the music industry, next is to introduce you to the best royalty free music sites. This way, you will never lose another minute looking for the perfect music for your projects.

As your tech friend, we scouted and listed the top 5 best royalty free music sites just for you!

#1 is the first and best royalty free music site available on the internet that has been licensing millions of music tracks since 2002. Trusted globally by film, TV, radio producers, and social marketing companies, continues to stand the test of time.

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To give you a pool of choices, updates its library weekly with new music that is hand-picked and curated to ensure that only the best music is available.

With a continuously growing library of over 90,000 audio tracks and sound effects, places a strong focus on music quality so you won’t have to waste time and energy searching for the perfect piece.

Having puts the entire library at your fingertips and, at low cost, allows you to use, distribute, and reach an unlimited audience. Ultimately,’s mission is simple: for you to tell a better story with emotion through music.


  • Royalty free music library. offers an extensive set of stock music with the option to search through music filters like genre, length, vocal, and more. The music library comprises music, SFX, and collections of soundtracks organized as themes.

  • Subscription plans. For as low as $199.99 a year, you get unlimited access to the entire library of royalty free music and sound effects.

  • Individual purchases. If a subscription is not your thing, you can still purchase individual music for $39.95 a track or $2.95 per sound effect and have a lifetime of usage rights with unlimited distribution.

  • Licensing with unlimited usage. The most permissive usage license in the industry, with no limitations on usage, distribution, or audience.  It’s genuinely buy-once-use-forever and everywhere.

  • The Max Edge Library. When you buy royalty free music frequently and need direct access to the entire library on a USB drive, you can get the Max Edge Hard Drive delivered to your door.  The drive contains over 7,500 music files, and thousands of sound effects.

What makes the best royalty free music site is that all downloadable tracks are cleared for monetization. Therefore, you are free to do anything with your music as you please. This also means there will be no copyright claims and it includes transferable licensing. is run by industry veterans with over 20 years of experience. Level up your digital projects now with and get the best music of your choice at the most reasonable pricing.


SOUNDRAW is one of the best royalty free music sites for creators like you. Unlike other royalty free music sites, it generates the music for you. With this, you need not be a composer to produce your desired music. Or, use ordinary free stock audios which provide a slew of overused tunes.

Simply choose your preferred genre, instruments, mood, length, etc. Then let its artificial intelligence compose catchy music for you. It allows you to personalize the duration, composition, and instruments of your original, royalty free background music.


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If you want to modify a track, SOUNDRAW allows you to effortlessly revise tracks that you’re still working on. Save any unfinished or functioning tracks in the ‘Keep’ tab and return to them afterward to finalize client modifications or even repurpose them for new projects.

When you’re not working alone, SOUNDRAW’s URL function allows you to instantly link and share in-progress songs with clients and team members. Or, use SOUNDRAW on your Google Chrome browser. So, whether your coworkers are using Windows or Apple, they can easily access, produce, and edit royalty free background music with you.

Some of you may be video editing wizards with ambitious project production ideas. Surprisingly, SOUNDRAW can still play the role you want it to play. If you use Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, the plugin allows you to access all SOUNDRAW capabilities.

You may adjust tracks in tandem with your video editing process to accomplish higher quality and cohesiveness. Since the royalty free background music is transferred into working files, the entire music editing process is streamlined, resulting in a masterwork of content production.

Furthermore, SOUNDRAW allows you to download an endless amount of royalty free background music for videos and use them for any video project on any platform. Just download any of your created music in standard audio WAV file format, and you’re all set.

There are some things to consider:

If you’re making a video, SOUNDRAW grants permission to use your songs as background music for movies, TV shows, YouTube and social media videos, corporate films, online or TV advertising, and even live broadcasting.

But if the primary objective of the video is music, the content is classified as audio creation. In this case, you can access a license that allows you to utilize music for radio transmission, podcasts, and guided meditations.

Now, if SOUNDRAW’s music is the prime purpose of your audio composition, you must edit it. This includes releasing music through audio streaming services and retailing music through stock audio platforms.


  • Generate unlimited songs to accompany several video projects
  • Get unlimited downloads and use them on any platform through an easy-to-export feature
  • Edit your generated music alone or with your team
  • Use the Google Chrome extension for better collaboration
  • Bookmark songs and use them in future projects
  • Acquire a permanent license for all creatives even if you unsubscribe
  • Use a code-free interface for beginners
  • Secured through GDPR compliance and safe to use
  • Can be used as plugins for professionals

Then again, you can always purchase from trusted royalty free music sites. However, purchasing one song at a time is costly. Plus, you are not entirely free of copyright, anyway.

In personalizing your video project, the background music you’ll be employing will make your video project more unique and may become a success in the future. That being said, SOUNDRAW is unquestionably the solution you should turn to for music to accompany your video creations.

Through artificial intelligence, you can easily put together the best songs you created and the best video content you have worked on.

Access SOUNDRAW today to get started and see which pricing option suits you best. Want to see how it works? Use the code tech2022 for a 7-day free trial. is a royalty free music and sound effects platform for video creators of all professional levels. It delivers cutting-edge creative tools and digital content, allowing you to furnish your videos the way you want. As one of the best royalty free music download sites, it lets you download over 22K high-quality stock music and 27K sound effects that gets updated regularly. Modes, genres, visual themes, and instrumentals are all the categories available when selecting songs.

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Unlike other royalty free music download sites, Artlist constantly evolves to keep up with the newest music trends. Every day, there are new music and sound effects to expect as well as new features. All these are to maintain the site’s basic usability, streamlined for your creative flows.

It’s simple to pick the ideal music for your project. Simply omit and add a different category criterion to your search, then rank by voices, BPM, and duration. To obtain tailored choices, click on the “For You” page, or go to the highlight page to browse different music collections organized according to popular themes.

You may select a subscription tier based on your creative requirements.

Personal Plan Features

The Personal Plan includes access to all of your personal social channels. Therefore, this category is ideal for social media content providers, including all your social channels, with one channel per platform. All of the projects you develop are yours to keep indefinitely.

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Every project you produce and publish to your channel during your membership is licensed for life with the Personal license. However, if your membership expires, you will be unable to utilize any of the downloaded files in future projects.

The licensing covers:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Podcasts
  • TikTok

Subscriptions are $9.99 per month ($119.88 paid annually) or you can pay it monthly for $14.99 every month.

Unlimited Plan Features

The Unlimited Plan includes all types of endeavors you will need a song for, from personal to commercial. It includes everything required to finish any job. When you get Assets under this License, you have complete freedom to use them in any way you see fit.

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The Unlimited license has no expiration date. You’re covered for life on any platform, wherever you are. You may use the materials you received during your subscription in future projects.

The licensing covers:

  • Unlimited social platforms
  • Paid ads
  • Client work
  • Commercial work
  • Podcasts
  • Websites and all online platforms
  • Broadcast and TV

The monthly subscription fee is $16.60 ($199 paid annually).

Keep in mind that the Unlimited license includes all current and future platforms globally. Personal licenses only apply on social media and cover one channel per platform.

As an alternate, you may contact their sales to obtain the Enterprise plan for a customized subscription. Its license includes tailored terms and licenses, as well as personalized curation services and premium client success.

We recommend purchasing the Unlimited license if you want to produce both personal and business projects. It includes client work, paid advertisements, games, and more. The Personal license is sufficient if you simply produce projects for your social media platforms.

Subscribe to for a full year of royalty free video tracks and receive two months free!

#4 Bensound

There are fewer tracks on Bensound than any other site, but it offers 300 unique, high-quality tracks worth listening to. Bensound focuses on Rock, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Cinematic, and Corporate sounds, but it will appeal to nearly everyone.

Screenshot from Bensound Official Website

(Photo : Screenshot from Bensound Official Website)

In other words, despite having fewer tracks, some are more interesting than what you can find from other royalty free music download sites.

You can use Bensound’s stock music for various projects, such as slideshows, background music for your videos, advertisements, and more. What’s particularly striking about their music collection is that it is neatly organized into categories.

Another thing you can do is use tracks royalty free in any type of project just by crediting Bensound. In addition, you may upgrade your license for a small fee to ensure that you can utilize these tracks in a wider variety of production styles without being required to credit Bensound.

Moreover, there are two options for licensing music if you do not wish to credit Bensound on your projects. First, you can either pay an annual subscription or license each track individually.

Features & Benefits

  • Only has a few stock music but in good quality
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Music library is neatly tucked into categories
  • Royalty free stock music is up for use as long as cited

#5 Epidemic Sound

There has been much debate on the best royalty free music site on the market, and Epidemic Sound is among the top contenders. Since its foundation almost a decade ago, Epidemic Sound has been a royalty free music download site for creators of all kinds.

Screenshot from Epidemic Sound Official Website

(Photo : Screenshot from Epidemic Sound Official Website)

The music segments on Epidemic Sound are divided into genres, moods, featured songs, and albums, making it easy to find music that fits your taste. This royalty free music download site can even detect tracks similar to what you are looking for.

Plus, with more than 30,000 tracks and 60,000 sound effects, you’ll be able to find the music you need. The music library also grows every week, so you always have something new to look out for.

With Epidemic Sound, you can download tracks the usual way or through STEM, which lets you download tracks by removing vocals, bass, or other instruments.

Once you’ve downloaded your music, you are free to use it on your YouTube videos. As long as you’re a monthly subscriber of Epidemic Sound when you upload your video, you are not subjected to copyright strikes.

Features & Benefits

  • Substantial stock music library
  • Weekly updates of the music library
  • Neat categories for your different music choice
  • Offers different ways to download your tracks

Best Royalty Free Music Sites

Never miss the chance to see a glow-up in your digital projects with the best royalty free music sites like, AudioJungle, Soundstripe, Bensound, and Epidemic Sound.

With the best royalty free music download sites for android phones and the likes, you can seamlessly access tracks that will perfectly go well with your videos. More than that, you also get to use it anytime and anywhere.

Visit our top 5 best stock music sites and let the music speak for your projects!

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