Top 3 Useful iPad Apps For Painters : 1. Art Set

As its name suggests, this app is all about giving your iPad its very own art set. With this app you get a great range of art supplies, including paints, pastels, pens and pencils, as well as a variety of different paper types and colours to work on. You can even import your own photos and have them as a backdrop to work on. One of the great things about this app is the attention to detail: all of the paints and other supplies look and act very realistically. The graphics are of such a high quality that it’s like having a genuine art set in front of you. You’ll find this app easy to use – it’s designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels, whether beginner or expert. This is a paid app with two versions: the basic one, which is the cheaper one, and the more advanced pro version, which is a bit more expensive.

2. Inspire Pro

This app is designed to be used by artists of all skills levels. There are 70 brushes to choose from, with six categories: markers, wax crayons, chalk, graphite pencils, basic shapes, airbrushes and oil paint. All the brushes in each of these six categories can be used as an eraser, a dry brush or a wet brush. This app has been meticulously designed to offer a high-quality and realistic painting experience; what’s marketed as this app’s best feature is its ability to blend colours together, whether it’s creating a blur here and there or taking two colours and mixing them together to create a new one. There are many other features, including 17 brush settings, canvas playback video recording, pressure sensitive stylus support and the ability to import and export all your paintings.

3. SketchBook Pro

SktechBook Pro is one of the more advanced painting apps that lets you create highly detailed works of digital art. It’s ideal for professionals who already have some experience with this type of app and are looking for something with lots of features; it’s also ideal for those who are serious about creating great art on their iPad. Having said all that, it’s still accessible for beginners, though it may take a bit of time for beginners to get used to the app’s many different features. There are lots of canvas options to choose from, as well as plenty of brush choices. You can blend colours together with ease and create multi-layered pieces without fuss; there are also features that make use of your tablet’s touchscreen and screen sensitivity.