These DIY accent wall paint hacks can transform your home

Jul 11, 2022, 05:29 pm
2 min read

These DIY accent wall paint hacks can transform your home
Try some easy accent wall techniques to revamp your home

Are you a DIY projects junkie? Then you’ll love these home decor ideas!

If you are looking forward to giving your home a makeover, but the idea of what to do and how to do overwhelms you, begin with a basic paint job.

Here are five simple DIY paint ideas that can help you get a fancy accent wall with ease and minimal mess.

This is the easiest to pull off by beginners.

Paint a base color on the wall and after it is dry, use painter’s tape to create a triangular, octagonal, or fishnet design or any random geometric design.

Paint the spaces and pull off the tape when dry.

To spice it up, you can tape around the blank spaces and paint them a different shade.

Gallery walls are pretty easy.

You need to decide which photographs you want to hook up, and where on the wall they would go.

First, create a layout on the floor with all the photo frames you have in mind, and then drill holes on the wall to hang them.

You can also highlight the frame’s background by painting around the edges.

Striped walls look incredibly chic and classy if you can get it right.

Check out Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration and begin with choosing your palate.

Plan the thickness of the stripes and add painter’s tape accordingly after a base coat.

Start painting the gaps, then strip off the tape. You can also paint the gaps with a different color carefully.

If you’re a good painter, let loose your creativity!

Paint two coats of the base layer on the wall.

Sketch out the idea with a pencil to make the process easier.

Water down your desired shade and begin brushing.

Start with bordering and then fill the spaces with colors.

Step back sometimes to check if it is looking the way you wanted it to.

Cut out a design on thick paper to create a DIY stencil. You can also use a sponge for abstract designs.

Paint the wall a lighter shade. Use plastic paints, so that if your paint spills you can wipe it clean.

Once dry, place the stencil on the wall and paint over with a darker shade and repeat until you’ve covered the full wall.