A common game that is played in Maid Cafes’ all over Japan. So what is a Maid Cafe you ask? At first the were designed to cater to Otaku (nerds) for a hostess club like experience but more tame and open to all ages. Maids themselves are usually very young attractive women. The Maids treat their customers like masters/bosses of them. Always ready to serve them with various needs. They will sing, dance, and make special food with cute designs on them.

The first Maid cafe was established in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan in March 2001. They have sense then become increasingly popular and many of them use customer baiting tactics to get new customers coming in. They will stand outside walking down the sidewalks handing out coupons and or pamphlets to attract the would be customer to their cafe. They are easy to spot because they will always be dressed in their uniform that is very close to being revealing. Teasing the customers to want to maybe see more at the cafe.

That brings up the appearance of what a Maid looks like. The typical dress for them is a French Maid outfit. Often with a high skirt and high socks on. The outfits are bright colours such as pink or light blue to name a few. At the cafe they might even dress up as popular anime characters or wear cute animal ears, like cat ears.

During their work shift, and even before and after they work, they must stay in character and never be seen without their uniforms on. They are also contractually obligated to never reveal personal information or accept payment for sexual activities.

The customers range from anime, manga, and video game otaku (nerds). Otaku only want to be close and be served by the image of young, innocent-looking girls (Moe in Japanese). But in recent years, with the popularity growing, many kinds of people are coming to Maid cafes’ for a fun experience. Couples, girls, and tourists have started to come to the cafes’. With all the new types of customers, Maid cafes’ have to adjust and offer a unique experience for them. They all now are catering to a specific fetish the customer may have.

What cafe would be a cafe without food? Most cafes’ have a very similar menu. The most popular being omelette rice (Omu-rice). When prepared the maid will draw a cute picture with ketchup on top of the omelette or on the dish itself. Of course there are other foods to choose from but not as popular as the omelette rice.

There are also many other things the maid will do for the customer. They will play games, sing, and dance. During certain hours of the day, or in peak hours, they will have all the Maids sing and dance. A fun experience indeed.

Do yourself a favour and come to Japan to experience the craziness that is Maid Cafe.