That Poor, Poor Pisces Moon

That Poor, Poor Pisces Moon : Usually, the Moon’s Sign is more important in a female than a male, but that observation doesn’t always hold true. It can be equally important. The symbolism with the Pisces Moon can be quite clear.

Pisces itself is an emotional sign, as a mutable water sign. The symbol is two fish. The glyph depicts two fish that are tied together forever, as a myth derived from Greek Mythology.

Until it was formally detected with telescope and plugged into the modern astronomy books, the planet Neptune was not associated with Pisces. The first, and perhaps, old-school planetary association for Pisces was Jupiter.

However, as the Ruler of the Seas, Neptune is obviously a more fitting planet association for Pisces.

When the natal moon is in Pisces, it imbues a strong psychic sense. Sixth sense, intuition, prophetic dreams and the “Cassandra Complex.”

The “Cassandra Complex” refers to the myth about a prophetess who was cursed in a way that her predictions were absolutely true and no one believed her.

While not always present with a natal Pisces Moon, it is a frequent influence seen with this placement.

Besides the disbelief that comes with Cassandra, there is also a healing modality implied. Pick or choose a type of integrative healing that works best, and the Pisces Moon energy can find a healthy outlet.

The more common comment when I observer a Pisces Moon in natal chart, what I usually start with? “You’re prone to tears, easily.”

The client, in return, starts to weep, “No, no I’m not.”

It’s a silly point, but it does happen, more often than not. The gesture and the tears, that shows the Pisces Moon at its finest, as it is in tune with situations. It’s sensitive. It is empathic.

Poor Pisces Moon, wears its little heart right out there on its sleeve, or so it would seem, and then, everyone comes along to take a poke at that heart.

Ever the dreamer, a strong Pisces Moon person is artistically inclined, with a penchant for both the written word and the visual arts. The latter tends to be more dramatically infused, and therefore, generally more obvious a choice.

This emphasis isn’t limited to traditional arts, either. This type of Pisces energy can show up in a number of avenues, from art to architecture to rhetoric.

One of the easiest ways to appease a Pisces Moon is to include the element of water. By working in some type of water, or water symbolism, the Pisces (the planet is Neptune) is soothed. The obvious choices are to live near the coast, or on a lake, or a river, or even just a stream. Failing at that, the simple inclusion of water images, a soothing beach scene, or sailboats gliding across a bay, a natural lake nestled in a mountain’s valley. Working in the watery images help stabilize and ultimately soothe that Pisces Moon.

It’s an emotive and artistic moon position, the Moon in Pisces. People born with this, one-twelfth of the population, more or less, will do best when water-elements are incorporated in day-to-day activities.

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