Sun Signs and Obsessions : Every one of us yearns to know themselves better. This yearning is not limited to knowing ourselves but also to know the ones around us. So we look around and observe habits, activities, characteristics, and obsessions etc., of every individual. All of these are better explained and classified in astrology. It delivers logical perceptions and interpretations of the characteristics of all the zodiac signs.

It helps us to understand things, and beings around us, by noticing peculiar individualities of the zodiacs. Astrology also intrigues us a lot. No wonder, when Linda Goodman came up with the brilliant idea of writing and releasing a book on sun-signs, it instantly became a bestseller. The book is still one of the bestselling books as it explains almost everything one wants to know about sun signs.

Linda Goodman was responsible for hastening the evolution of astrology through the unprecedented success of her book. These books not only hold the key for understanding Obsessions of sun signs but also let you explore one`s horoscope and everything that lies ahead in our lives. All this literature on sun-signs, explains personalities in more or less the same manner. It is because traits and conducts of every zodiac sign are peculiar and is a universal phenomenon. For example:

– An Aries would be referred to as an aggressive, fearless, and an enthusiastic person. Aries are also obsessed and fervent to the extreme.

- Taurus is the sign of strength, stamina and perseverance. They are infatuated by the luxuries that come with money.

- A Gemini person is obsessed with style and elegance. They are also quite resolute and stationary.

- Cancer is referred to as a sign which displays strong likes and dislikes, and have preconceived notions. They have a deep desire to attain success for which they can go to any limit.

- Leo is specified as aristocratic and are said to be obsessed with superiority and sovereignty.

- Those born under the Virgo sun-sign are very naïve and obsessed with accuracy.

- Librans are considered an intelligent sun-sign and they strive for balance in their life.

- Scorpions are positive and full of courage. They crave for loyalty and sincerity.

- A Sagittarius will always be obsessed with adventure and demands self-respect.

- Capricorns are said to have a narcissistic approach and therefore this sign is a self-obsessed sun-sign. This is the only zodiac sign that refrains itself from getting into the rat-race for money and power, unless they fear losing out on the more important things in life.

- Aquarians are friendly, charming and intuitive, but they can get eccentric and rebellious. Aquarians are also said to be obsessed with creativity. Aquarian is also referred to as an imaginative sun-sign.

– Pisceans are fixated to beautiful things in life. They are people who daydream. They want the world to be a beautiful and perfect place.

These observations coupled with our own perceptions are so apt and right that ignoring these logical understandings is impossible.