Spiritual Astrology and Karma

Spiritual Astrology and Karma : The idea and purpose of each race is to prepare what was given to them so that this can excel them into the future in greatness. The best thing to do is to learn more about our one to one personalities as there is also a generational karma to be learned about as well. This is manifested as one of the several karma groups.

All the generations are faced with archetypal karmic guilt and some forms of paranoia which is a result of the guilt. Pluto is the planet that tells us exactly where the guilt lies; a good example of this is like an individual of Pluto in Virgo which might be responsible for a death of a person or something of the sort. The common person which represents Pluto in Virgo is scared of making any mistakes and will isolate themselves to a certain extent to do this.

These person’s take the issue of perfectionism to the highest level and this creates a state of paralysis. Pluto is the planet which rules the sign of Scorpio and is named for the Roman god of unconsciousness. It actually takes two hundred and fifty years to go around the sun and can stay in a particular sign for over thirty years. Pluto is the planet that represents our state of trying to find out things like sexuality, death and also passion. This symbol shows the source of one’s karmic guilt and also becoming a part of that individual’s self shadow.