Pisces Horoscope for June 2022

Your Horoscope for Pisces

Life is getting better for you, and June will be quite an improvement over May. Mercury was retrograde last month, starting May 10, and you felt like several areas of your life were on hold with delays coming one after another, and a visit to the repair shop became necessary—this all sounds familiar. This month will be different, for Mercury will go direct on June 3.

You experienced another change last month—Jupiter moved into Aries for the first time in 12 years and by June is settled into his new role of bringing you all kinds of financial benefits. Jupiter came laden with financial gifts, and the way a planet can do that is to have another planet come by to join forces—if the configuration is friendly, the gifts start to pour down on you. Getting the right planet to work with Jupiter is tricky, but lo and behold, you had the perfect planet come by, namely Mars, to conjoin Jupiter on May 29.

As you enter June, although no longer conjunct, Mars and Jupiter will still be orbiting close and showering your second house of earned income with a flurry of financial opportunities. A conjunction, a friendly one like this, is a big deal because all conjunctions represent the start of a new cycle—conjunctions are considered the most powerful aspect you could ever see in astrology.

Mars and Jupiter only meet for one day every two years, always in a different sign (house) of the horoscope. (The next conjunction of Jupiter and Mars will be on August 14, 2024, in Gemini.) When you have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, financial growth, and expansion, orbiting close with Mars, the planet that teaches how to compete and win, your fervent actions will lead to profit.

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