The Evolution of Decorative Paint Tricks and Finishes

Decorative paint tricks and finishes have emerged as powerful tools to transform living spaces. Dulux’s Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, reminds us that paint is not just about a spectrum of colors; it’s a dynamic medium that encompasses everything from organic off-whites to the deepest night blues. The evolution of home decor during lockdown has spurred a creative revolution, introducing innovative paint tricks that redefine how we perceive and inhabit our homes.

The Diversity of Paint

The exploration of paint goes beyond traditional notions, incorporating a wide range of hues and techniques. According to Marianne Shillingford, the latest trends include using paint tricks on ceilings, treating corners as junctions between colors, and painting kitchen units and furniture in joy-inducing shades. This shift signifies a departure from conventional approaches, encouraging a more imaginative and personalized approach to home decoration.

Paint Ideas and Tricks for Every Space

Collaborating with color and design experts, we present a collection of exciting paint trends and tricks that promise to redefine your home’s aesthetics. Let’s delve into these inspiring ideas:

1. Double up to Make a Room Look Bigger

  • Color Choice: Blush shades
  • Technique: Irene Gunter suggests a dual-toned approach, using Paint & Paper Library’s Rouge II on the bottom part of the wall and a lighter shade on the top. This technique adds interest, blurs room edges, and creates an illusion of a higher ceiling.

2. Turn Your Headboard into a Piece of Art

  • Color Palette: Various shades of green
  • Technique: Sarah Stemp, founder of Sascal Studio, demonstrates resourcefulness by creating a textured headboard using canvas fabric and Farrow & Ball’s green paint shades. The result is a unique piece of art that adds depth to the room.

3. Give a Fireplace a Faux Marble Finish

  • Technique: Brandon Schubert collaborates with Lara Fiorentino from The Paint Effect to transform a fireplace into a red marble masterpiece. A meticulous application ensures a smooth finish and a striking visual effect.

4. Introduce a Tactile Touch to Your Walls

  • Technique: Chan & Eayrs showcase subtly textured walls using color pigment combined with different materials. The result is a clever choice for hallway paint ideas, adding depth and visual interest.

5. Use Paint to Create Zones within a Room

  • Technique: Andy Greenall from Paint & Paper Library advocates for contrasting paint finishes to zone a space. This backsplash area features a two-tone approach, bringing depth and character to a simple scheme.

6. Trick the Eye with Painted Borders

  • Color Choice: Rich maroon
  • Technique: Louise Roe adds daring borders painted with Lady Bug by Earthborn to doors, creating a unique and cost-effective bedroom color idea that resembles expensive bone inlays.

7. Use Paint to Create a 3-D Effect

  • Technique: Elnaz Namaki employs bespoke plastered paint to create a three-dimensional effect in a small room. The use of stencils around spotlights adds an artistic touch.

8. Use Paint to Visually Expand the Walls

  • Color: Farrow & Ball’s Stone Blue
  • Technique: Nicola Harding utilizes paint tricks on the ceiling to visually expand the walls in a dining room. The choice of color and placement contributes to a cozy atmosphere.

9. Use Paint to Conceal Flaws

  • Technique: White paint is employed by Kate Guinness to conceal flaws and create a softer effect in old houses. Decorative paint finishes serve a dual purpose, hiding imperfections and adding points of interest.

10. Trick the Eye with Pale Finishes

  • Technique: Frank & Faber suggests introducing paler finishes at eye level to improve spaciousness, prevent overpowering wall units, and create a balanced look in kitchens.

Modernizing Paint Tricks for Contemporary Living

The question of whether paint tricks and techniques are outdated is addressed by interior designer Brandon Schubert. He highlights the sophistication and contemporary nature of today’s paint tricks, moving beyond the stencilling and textured ceilings of the past. The emphasis is on embracing new freedom of expression with a vibrant palette.

Creativity with Kit Kemp

Kit Kemp, renowned for her use of color in Firmdale hotels, offers a starting point for those unsure about incorporating color at home. She suggests focusing on door frames as a canvas for a shock of color, providing a playful addition that frames rooms and adds a colorful dimension.

A Palette of Possibilities

In conclusion, the evolution of decorative paint tricks and finishes signifies a shift towards a more dynamic, personalized, and imaginative approach to interior design. The curated ideas presented here demonstrate the diverse possibilities that paint offers, from creating illusions of space to transforming ordinary elements into works of art. As Marianne Shillingford aptly puts it, we are embracing a new freedom of expression with color at its beating heart. It’s time to pick up the brushes and unleash creativity within the canvas of your home.