Musicube’s Free AI-Powered Music Tagging Service Aims to Empower Independent Artists

Musicube, the innovative music tech startup recently acquired by Songtradr, has launched a free music tagging service that allows users to create metadata for up to 10,000 songs. This initiative is set to benefit independent labels and artists who often face financial constraints when it comes to advanced music tagging, hindering their ability to monetize their own catalogues.

Understanding Music Tagging:

Music tagging involves editing information stored in digital music files, known as tags. These tags play a crucial role in categorizing each music file, providing essential details such as the track name, album information, and the artist’s name. With Musicube’s free service, users can automatically tag songs, offering custom search solutions across more than 20 categories.

According to Agnes Chung, co-founder of Musicube, independent labels and artists often find themselves in a conundrum due to a lack of funds for advanced music tagging. This obstacle can limit their ability to effectively monetize their music catalogues.

Features and Functionality:

The technology employed by Musicube allows users to make their catalogues discoverable through easy-to-install widgets or a customizable API. The tagging process takes a mere three seconds per song across various categories, providing users with a quick and efficient solution. Additionally, the platform supports searches using the international standard recording code (ISRC), enhancing accessibility for users.

Musicube launches free AI-tagging tech for music catalogues - Music AllyDisrupting the Market:

This move by Musicube, offering a zero-cost service, is poised to disrupt the market currently dominated by companies like Cyanite, which charge fees for similar music tagging services. The free accessibility of Musicube’s platform positions it as a valuable resource for artists and labels with budget constraints, potentially democratizing the music tagging landscape.

Strategic Acquisition by Songtradr:

This launch marks Musicube’s first major move since its acquisition by Songtradr in June. The acquisition aimed to enhance Songtradr’s data-powered B2B music platform with advanced discoverability technology. Paul Wiltshire, CEO of Songtradr, emphasized the unique perspective that Musicube brings to audio analysis, accelerating their mission to increase the value and effectiveness of music in content.

Wiltshire stated, “To have the world’s best B2B music search and recommendation technology, we need premier metadata enrichment technology, which is a key component of the B2B music supply chain.”

Clientele and Future Prospects:

Founded in 2019, Musicube has already garnered an impressive clientele including Sony Music, Budde Music Publishing, Music Promotion Network, and Phonote. With the introduction of this free music tagging service, Musicube aims to further solidify its position in the market and empower a broader range of artists and labels.

Musicube’s innovative approach to democratizing advanced music tagging with a free, AI-powered service underscores its commitment to supporting independent artists and labels. As the music industry continues to evolve, accessibility to such tools becomes pivotal for artists looking to maximize the potential of their catalogues in a highly competitive landscape.