The service, which is available for free, lets users create metadata for up to 10 000 songs. 

A music tagging software edits information stored in a digital music file known as as tags. Tags categorise each music file, revealing information like the name of the track, the album and the name of the artist.

“We find that independent labels and artists are in a conundrum: they do not have extra funds to do advanced music tagging and this is preventing them from monetising their own catalogues,” Musicube co-founder Agnes Chung said.

Songs are tagged automatically and offer users customised search solutions including more than 20 categories. To make a catalogue discoverable, users can choose between easy-to-install widgets or a customisable API. The technology takes about three seconds to tag each song across the different categories. The platform also lets users search for any recording using an international standard recording code (ISRC).

The launch of the tool is Musicube’s first major move since it was acquired by Songtradr in June. It forms part of a suite of AI-powered metadata and music search tools. The zero-cost service could disrupt companies such as Cyanite, which charge a fee for a similar service.

Songtradr acquired the startup to bolster its data-powered B2B music platform with discoverability tech. At the time, Songtradr’s CEO Paul Wiltshire said: “Musicube has approached audio analysis from an entirely unique perspective and this acquisition accelerates our mission to increase the value and effectiveness of music in content. Their impressive team of passionate musicologists and data scientists understand the power of data and its relationship with music, which ultimately benefits our brand and agency customers as well as music rights holders. In order to have the world’s best B2B music search and recommendation technology, we need premier metadata enrichment technology, which is a key component of the B2B music supply chain.” 

Founded in 2019, the company boasts clients such as Sony Music, Budde Music Publishing, Music Promotion Network, and Phonote, among others.

Interested users can sign up for the service here.