Musical Magic: A Journey with Music Together Classes

In the enchanting realm of childhood, where curiosity blossoms and creativity knows no bounds, the significance of early exposure to music cannot be overstated. Music Together, an internationally acclaimed early childhood music and movement program, has emerged as a guiding light in this musical odyssey for children from birth through 2nd Grade. More than just a music class, Music Together is a holistic approach to fostering a deep connection between children and their caregivers through the shared joy of music-making.

An Innovative Approach to Early Music Education:

At the heart of Music Together’s success lies its research-based curriculum, meticulously designed to be non-formal and non-performance oriented. This unique approach allows children to embark on a musical journey at their own pace, ensuring a developmentally appropriate and engaging experience. The program is not just about teaching tunes; it’s a celebration of rhythm, movement, and the sheer delight of creating music together.

Global Impact:

With programs spanning families, schools, at-risk populations, and children with special needs, Music Together has left its melodic footprint in more than 3,000 communities across 40 countries. The global reach of this initiative reflects a passionate commitment to making the educational and joyful benefits of early music experiences accessible to diverse audiences.

Meet Ms. Mary – A Musical Guide:

In the heart of this musical adventure is Ms. Mary, a Music Together teacher holding Certification Level I status. Her tenure since 2014 is a testament to her outstanding achievements in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy, and parent education. In her 45-minute classes, Ms. Mary orchestrates an immersive experience where children and their caregivers are led through a harmonious exploration of sounds and movements.

Tuition Inclusions – A Symphony of Learning:

Enrolling in Music Together not only opens the door to musical discovery but also provides a treasure trove of resources. Tuition covers the Semester Songbook, a CD, and access to a personal code for downloading corresponding music through the “Hello Everybody” App. Exclusive online entry to Music Together’s Family Music Zone® awaits, offering videos, additional content, and activities complementing the songs. The journey is further enriched with a Family Newsletter, brimming with resources and music-making ideas.

Embark on a Musical Odyssey – Your Free Trial Awaits:

For those ready to dive into this melodic voyage, a Free Trial Preview Class beckons. This serves as a gateway to the magic that unfolds within Music Together classes. To register and take the first step toward a musical adventure, visit the website and explore the myriad possibilities that await your child.

New Beginnings with “Music & Your Child”:

Families new to Music Together receive an invaluable resource guide titled “Music & Your Child.” This comprehensive book serves as a compass, guiding parents through the intricate landscape of understanding their child’s musical development.

In the grand symphony of early childhood education, Music Together stands out as a conductor, orchestrating a transformative experience where the language of music becomes a bridge connecting hearts and minds. Register for a Free Trial Preview Class, and let the melodies of Music Together weave a tapestry of joy and learning for your child.