Drawing Inspiration From Past Travels : Travels through Europe

Travelling through Europe as a child was an experience that has continued to inspire me ever since. I remember travelling through Italy and France, then on to Spain, noticing how the countryside would gradually change. These stunning landscapes inspired me to paint – as you can probably tell, I could spot a good scene even as a child! One of my favourite memories is of a road in Provence that meandered through fields of lavenders and wild, colourful flowers. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to just run free through those fields!

Painting Berkshire landscapes

I love nothing more than going on long drives through the Berkshire countryside. It is full of scenic spots and picturesque landscapes. Whenever I capture these beautiful images in my paintings, I recall my travels through Europe. By doing this, I’m recreating the beauty of the Berkshire countryside and infusing my work with unique touches here and there. I could paint the landscape exactly as it is, or I could add little quirks here and there to make it my own take on the scene. I apply soft brush strokes and use a number of different brushes and sponges when painting plants and trees. My travels inspired me to look at trees and plants in a new way, which is why I use this particular technique.

Standing out

Take an image that has been painted many times, for example the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the most commonly painted landmarks in the world. If you decide to paint something that many others choose to paint, what’s going to set your painting apart from the many others? Adding your own personal touch will make your painting unique. Draw inspiration from past travels and experiences to add a special twist to a painting of something like the Eiffel Tower to make it stand out. Your personal experiences help you see things from a new perspective and this perspective can help you hone your craft.

Always adding that twist

Of course, you should always add your own special touch inspired by past experiences to your works. Whether you’re painting a famous landmark or a scenic spot in the country, you should never forget to make your works unique. Doing this can help you develop your own particular style. Artists who have a particular style and something unique to offer stand out from the crowd. We have all had unique personal experiences and we should try to make our works of art equally personal and unique.