Discovering New Music, Music is a basic element of everyday life. Whether on the radio or in that dirty and slightly awkward elevator, it illuminates the world. There is a massive collection waiting to be discovered. It is important to have new music in your life.

The basis to discovering new music is to know some of your musical tastes. Gather a piece of paper and a pencil and start writing down some of your musical tastes. You may discover what you like from your personality, your entertainment tastes, your culture and what you enjoy doing.

For example, I love anime and their soundtracks therefore I wrote down Japanese pop. as one of my musical tastes. I also play trumpet in a jazz band, so I wrote down jazz music that features the trumpet as one of my tastes

Once you have an idea of what you like, decide on where you want to start. Your decision could be specific (e.g. jazz music featuring the trumpet) or generalized (e.g.electronic house music). Keep in mind who you like in this genre or what you like about it.

Now that you’ve a basic idea on where you want to start exploring, the fun begins. There are many ways that I use to discover new music on a weekly basis. My favorite method is the Pandora online radio. It allows you to select artists, songs or genres that you enjoy and it plays music that is similar to what you’ve selected. The system the developers have used brilliantly selects songs based on their musical properties and backgrounds. It is simple and free at Listening to your local radio is not a bad idea either. I am aware that mainstream music is not appealing to everyone. However, if you give it a chance you might find one or two songs you really enjoy. If you’re not liking a certain station simply switch to another one that inherits more of your tastes.

If you have a mobile device, I recommend getting shazam or soundhound. These apps allow you to record music that is currently playing and identifies them for you. I like to keep shazam handy whenever I am listening to the radio or going to a place where I won’t be able to identify music. The “Discover Musics” app is another tool that I use. “Discovr Music” functions on a graphical web system. You start with an artist or band then the app will give you the names of artists that are similar. The app will also give you an option to view some of their most popular songs.

I recommend trying a variety of genres of musics. Don’t be afraid to take adventures in this massive world. Try musics in different languages, different musical systems, different countries etc..