Creative Leo Set the Stage For the New Moon

Creative Leo Set the Stage For the New Moon : The stars in the heavens are symbolizing our challenges to meet and potential to live. I like to look at the bright side of things and use the potential of the astrological principles to align myself with the universal principles for more joy and fun in my life.

New Moon in Leo August 9 is the highlight of the week right along with other more long term strong astrological constellations. Like with any present astrological constellations it is most interesting to see how this New Moon touches you in your personal horoscope and which aspects it might have to your planets. Then you will be better prepared and have better choices about how to play the game.

Lunar Astrology

Each New Moon provides us with a new beginning of a new cycle, a clean slate to start from. There is a little magic in these turning points of the New Moon and the Full Moon as there is in the Solstice and the Equinox. Rhythms are part of all levels of live and remind me of our breathing. When we breathe in we supply the body with fresh oxygen and life force, then there is a moment of stillness before we breathe out, releasing the old and stagnant, then another still point and the cycle resumes.

For me astrology is just a wonderful way to find my place in these magnificent universal cycles and gain understanding in how to apply the wisdom found within it. There are the short cycles of the Moon waxing and waning and there are the longer cycles of the Sun moving through the year. Each station in a different sign is describing a specific universal quality available in that moment in time.

You could say the cycle of the Moon through the zodiac is an indicator of the emotional imprint and the cycle of the Sun is how consciousness and life in general is impacted.


I believe it is a sign of wisdom to control and change what you are able to do and let go of things you cannot.

Many of the challenges we face in economy and society we can deduct from the hard aspects between planets which point towards a landslide pushing against old structures. Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, opposing Saturn Venus and Mars in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn are forming a very dynamic t-square in cardinal signs marking a new beginning. This is not an invitation for us to accept or not. We are called to be as conscious as possible in facing these circumstances.

By the middle of September we will have a little break with Uranus and then Jupiter moving back into Pisces and out of the tight alignment with Pluto and Saturn. When the planets are doing their back and forth dance, each contact is a deepening of the theme and another integrating step. We are presented with a little breather before we dive back into it.

The potential resolution point for this t-square is the empty fourth cardinal sign Cancer.

Moon is Ruling Cancer

Moon represents the archetypal mother. The potential resolution as I see it is lying in the hands of the feminine, the mothering principle which heals and resurrects. Also with Venus, Mars and Saturn in conjunction in Libra we need to learn new skills of relating, respect and concern for the other. We need to learn to balance our own needs with the other and find a place of self empowerment within the bigger picture.

Having said all that let us have a deeper look at the New Moon in Leo. The Full Moon and the New Moon are always interesting energetic power points in time, calling us to align our emotions with our awareness.

On a Full Moon the light of the Sun, the center of life and consciousness is reflected fully by the Moon in opposition to the Sun. Emotions are close to the surface and ready to bubble up or over. The result can be that you do not sleep so well with howling cats in your neighborhood.

With the New Moon there is no reflected light of consciousness. There is a moment of complete darkness in the conclusion of one circle of one Full Moon to the next. That might make it more difficult to connect with the qualities of the sign the New Moon resides in.

New Moon in Leo

New Moon means the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun. Sun and Moon are like yin and yang, both complementing parts of the whole. Leo is a very extroverted sign where it is all about playful and creative self expression. It is a fiery sign with ambition and courage to do what is necessary to reach the goal. Leo is a team player as long as he is able to call the shots. The Sun is the king and the Moon is the queen in Leo and they are taking charge. The question is what do they enjoy most and excel at? In which direction do they point their efforts?

The New Moon in this sign puts the spot light onto where you are not showing up with your best efforts and highest potential. The Moon is starting into a new cycle out of Leo and with that you will have one month to figure this out. Ask yourself:

– What am I good at? – What do I love to do? – Where would I like to shine more and have more reflection in my life? – Do I have all the acknowledgment and success I would like to have? – What can I do to be a contribution to life? – What is my special gift? – And how do I use it?

Change starts with each one of us. You can become fully conscious and responsible in your personal life and be your best at what you are doing in your professional life as well as with friends and family. Be playful and go with your creative flow and become a conscious creator and manifest your dreams and hopes.

I hope you enjoyed this article, aloha and many blessings, Shakti.