A Short History of Oil Painting

A Short History of Oil Painting : The numerous masterpieces put on display in the well-known museums across the globe simply prove that oil is the medium that has caused a considerable impact on painting as a visual form of art. During the present times, oil painting on canvas continues to be a favorite of serious painters because it gives

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How To Craft a Wine Bottle

How To Craft a Wine Bottle : It’s the day college students have been waiting for their whole lives-or at least since they discovered alcohol. It is a night when all the attention is on the birthday boy or girl, and everyone can’t wait for the clock to strike midnight.

It’s a 21st birthday party!

Now, even though it’s a

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Drawing Inspiration From Past Travels

Drawing Inspiration From Past Travels : Travels through Europe

Travelling through Europe as a child was an experience that has continued to inspire me ever since. I remember travelling through Italy and France, then on to Spain, noticing how the countryside would gradually change. These stunning landscapes inspired me to paint – as you can probably tell, I could spot

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Understanding Spray Booth

What Is A Spray Booth?

An airbrush spray booth and filtration unit – often referred to as an extraction unit, is a vital piece of safety equipment to use when you are airbrushing. A spray booth has two primary functions. Firstly to provide a contained environment that prevents any dirt getting into the area that you are working in which

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What You Need to Paint With Oil

Painting with oil requires a few different pieces of equipment. There are loads of different options out there so it can be a bit overwhelming trying to determine what you’ll need. This article will look at the basic supplies a beginner will need to successfully paint with oils. The supplies mentioned can be found in any good art store, or

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Famous Mark Rothko Prints and Paintings

Mark Rothko pushed abstract art onwards with great momentum thanks to his inciteful paintings that he created purely for others to enjoy. Modern day print reproductions of his work are common and this shows how his work is still appreciated today, many decades after he passed away.

Oranges and yellows are key colours in some of his more popular work,

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