Top 3 Useful iPad Apps For Painters

Top 3 Useful iPad Apps For Painters : 1. Art Set

As its name suggests, this app is all about giving your iPad its very own art set. With this app you get a great range of art supplies, including paints, pastels, pens and pencils, as well as a variety of different paper types and colours to work on. You

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It’s Only Paint and Canvas

It’s Only Paint and Canvas : What is the true” market value” of a painting? How does a potential collector know that a fair price is being offered? After all, the price can be negotiated… It’s not like a car, a stereo system, or a suit jacket that contains technical components and can be shopped between stores. It’s only paint

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The Perfect Subject

The Perfect Subject : Is there such a thing-the “perfect” subject to paint– on any given day?

Like song-choice for a musician, the subject an artist chooses to paint carries his/her personality, abilities and message to the viewers who will see it. Possibilities abound: perhaps a 300-foot tumbling waterfall, the sun poised on a dramatic orange horizon, or that striking

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Is That Art Print Humble?

Is That Art Print Humble? : Why on earth would the butterfly, once a caterpillar, want to become a ‘worm’? The false disdain that many artists show today by not making their works available for prints is rooted in the shaky hierarchy established between the original and the print. Some have a tendency to believe that their original will lose

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Artist Brushes

Artist Brushes : There are currently tens, if not hundreds, of varieties of artist brushes on the market, each is made for a specific application. Some of these brushes are made with natural hair; others are synthetic brushes. The materials used in a brush, the shape and size of its head, and the length of its bristles all affect the

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