Month: January 2023

Dangdut Music

History of Dangdut Music

Dangdut Music The history of dangdut music in Indonesia can add interesting insights. To your understanding of various musical genres that are popular with the wider community until now. One of the dangdut icons who is also the king of world dangdut is Rhoma Irama. Who is still active in the music industry in Indonesia. He even appeared at the birthday of one of the private television stations by presenting a contemporary song from the. K-Pop idol group BTS entitled "Butter" with his signature electric guitar. History of Dangdut Music Referring to the book entitled "Cultural Messages of Pop Dangdut Songs and Their Influence on the. Social Behavior of Urban Youth" (1995) by Dloyana Kesumah et al. Dangdut music  originally known as a Malay orchestra around the 1940s. This music has many ...