Artist Brushes

Artist Brushes : There are currently tens, if not hundreds, of varieties of artist brushes on the market, each is made for a specific application. Some of these brushes are made with natural hair; others are synthetic brushes. The materials used in a brush, the shape and size of its head, and the length of its bristles all affect the

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Cleaning Artist Brushes

Cleaning Procedure

Cleaning Artist Brushes : Knowing how to clean your brushes is indispensable for extending the life of your brushes.

Watercolor brushes

For watercolor, rinse your brush with cold water and gently squeeze the head to drain the water. You can use a paper towel to gently suck the water out of the brush head. Do not use hot

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How to Use a Painting Knife

How to Use a Painting Knife, What is a painting knife?

A painting knife is a knife that has a pointed tip and a flexible steel blade. The blade can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, it can be in the shape of a rectangle, a triangle or even a diamond. The main part of

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Pointillism in Art History

Pointillism in Art History, What is pointillism?

Pointillism is a painting technique whereby thousands of tiny dots of a pure colour are applied to a canvas very close to one another to form an image. The main concept behind pointillism is to use dots of only two to three colours in a particular area. The smaller the dots, the clearer

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Music for Animal Art

Music for Animal Art : Music can enhance the experience of visual art in several ways. The ambient track offers a deeper experience of place. A melody, or a choice of instrument, may establish for us historical or cultural contexts. A track that unfolds dramatically may suggest to the viewer a narrative for the artwork. Explicit sound effects serve to

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Music for Horror Art

Music for Horror Art : Just as music informs the horror film, so can music make a scary painting scarier. Generally speaking, music can deepen the experience of visual art by setting the mood, suggesting a narrative, or defining the space in which the artwork resides. In the monster art genre, our understanding of the story behind the image can

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